Oliva Service can restore the beauty and extend the life of your upholstered furniture. We use steam cleaning for synthetic materials or a low moisture method for cotton, wool, silk and other natural materials. Our experienced technicians will give you an on-the-spot estimation of the required cleaning service.

There are several ways to clean upholstered furniture. Synthetic fabric can stand stronger cleaning solutions and can be cleaned using more water without harming fibers.

Natural fibers, such as cotton, wool and silk require more delicate process, using gentle, less strong solutions, and minimum of water.

Our technicians  have the knowledge and expertise to recognize what methods of upholstery cleaning is required for your sofa, loveseat or chairs. We have IICRC-certified upholstery cleaning technicians. They have a high level of knowledge and expertise about how to best clean even the most delicate fabrics.

If requested, we apply Protection Treatment after cleaning, making your upholstery stain resistant, and stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

Upholstery Care Guidelines

Follow the simple guidelines below to keep all your upholstered furniture looking like new:

– To avoid fading, keep upholstered home furniture away from direct sunlight.

-Vacuum upholstered furniture as often as possible, even if it is not used often. For high-use furniture, it’s a good idea to beat the cushions, vacuum and then rotate them.

-Using the upholstery attachment, vacuum left to right in short, overlapping strokes, starting at the top of the piece and working toward the bottom. (For delicate fabrics, like silk and linen, set the suction to low.) This left-to-right technique is especially important for nappy materials that hold on to dirt, like chenille, suede, velvet, and corduroy. Click in the crevice nozzle (if you’re worried about sucking up coins, cover it with a piece of old panty hose secured with a rubber band); vacuum under cushions and around seams. Then use a can of compressed air to blast dirt from tufting and button nooks.

-Damp-dust arm and headrest areas with a cleaning solution to prevent body oil accumulation on the upholstery fabric. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation as to the type of upholstery cleaning solution to use. Avoid placing newspapers directly on upholstery fabric, since ink will accumulate and is difficult to remove.

– If you are not sure, Call Oliva Services, professional Cleaner,  at 905.827.4554 who knows your fabric !!!