Area Rugs can be divided into two categories: NATURAL fibers and SYNTHETIC fibers

 Natural fiber rugs:  wool, cotton or silk, jute and sisal, are used in handmade rugs. In order to clean rugs properly, they MUST be picked up  for cleaning in shop, where they are vacumed, spot cleaned, shampooed, scrubbed, and washed out untill all cleaning solution are removed.

SYNTHETIC RUGS: those are made out of Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, (Olefin) or blends.(most of shag rugs are synthetic too)  Synthetic rugs can be possible cleaned at home, (except shag rugs, that may require deeper cleaning, and pickup) but for best results we always recommend to do the pick up and cleaning in the shop where we have much better chance to tackle all the problems and stains.


pet stains

Oliva Service expertly cleans and beautifies your fine oriental and wool rugs. They need to besavoured like a fine wine and looked after with tender loving care. Rugs will last a lifetime and longer if they are properly maintained, thus allowing rugs to be handed down for generations to come. Here at Oliva Services, we are constantly striving to bring to our customers the highest possible quality of service available.

For your convenience, Oliva Service expertly cleans and beautifies your fine oriental and wool rugs in our Cleaning Plant, located at 1244 Speers Rd, Unit 6.  or in the comfort of your own home. We gently vacuum, then shampoo the entire rug with a specially formulated Oriental Rug shampoo, followed by our clean water rinse and extraction process. This process entails rinsing and extracting all shampoo and soil from your fine Oriental rugs at least three to four times. This multiple step process ensures cleaning of your Oriental Rugs will be shinier and fresher than ever. After drying, rugs are  inspected, groomed, vacuumed and then treated with (optional) Fibre Protection.

As an Owner, I personally  supervise and handles the cleaning of all our most delicate Oriental Rugs. Olin says: “When it comes to complete satisfaction, I never want to disappoint any of our customers. When I’m finished, your Oriental Rugs will be clean like new”.

Don’t hesitate to call for any spot or spill on your fine Oriental rugs. We’ll schedule an appointment as soon as possible to clean your Oriental rug, and Olin will personally explain what to do, or more important what not to if any accident should occur

With more than seventeen years of experience in the cleaning of fine delicate Oriental, Persian or Turkish Wool Rugs, who better to trust your most valuable treasures to than Oliva Services in Oakville, Ontario?

Call us today  905.827.4554 to arrange for the pick up of your treasured rugs, and you too will start enjoying the return of the beautiful colours.