Anti-allergenic Treatment For Carpeting, Area Rugs & Upholstered Furniture

More than 70 million North Americans suffer from sinus allergies and asthma. Oliva Services of Oakville can help reduce the level of allergens in your home by 90% or more with Anti-allergenic System. This revolutionary anti-allergen cleaning and treatment program is easy to apply, affordable and most importantly, safe for people, their pets and the environment.

What Is Anti-allergenic System ?

Regardless of how often you clean, it’s virtually impossible to eliminate dust mites. And realistically, most people are unwilling to part with their pets, even though it is strongly recommended by their doctors.

An anti-allergen aqueous  products are derived from naturally occurring extracts found in the bark of certain trees and plants. Put simply, these products de-activate the allergens created by dust mites and pets…the leading causes of indoor allergic diseases.

When applying the Anti-allergenic System, Oliva Service uses specialized cleaning agents  while cleaning mattresses, bedding, upholstery, carpeting, and Area rugs.

Allergies are triggered by the body’s reactions to proteins in the allergens. Anti-allergenic works by changing the shape of these proteins so the body no longer recognizes them. This ultimately prevents an allergic reaction.

Allergy Relief Treatment™ works rapidly and effectively. In fact, many of our customers experience significant results within three days following the complete cleaning and treatment of a bedroom. When properly applied, relief can continue for months. Severe cases may require additional treatments after three months.

Is Allergy Relief Treatment™ safe?

Absolutely! All components of Allergy Relief Treatment™ are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and dye and perfume free. They are also odour free and have been specially formulated for use around people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. They can be used safely and effectively around children and pets.

Allergy Relief Treatment™ is biodegradable, contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phosphates or other hazardous materials. It is not a pesticide and contains no benzyl peroxide.

At Oliva, “When we say we’ll clean it…we mean it!”